Creating a Hyperlink on your Webpage
to your Blackboard Site/Course


There are several ways to obtain the URL for your Blackboard site but for the link to work correctly, it must be formed in the following way:

Copy this address:

Where the “XXX” is replaced with your course ID number.

NOTE: For Webmasters needing to create links to all teachers’ Blackboard sites:

  1. Teachers will need to provide you with their course URL.

  2. To get their course ID, they will login to Blackboard and locate their course under the “My Courses” heading.

  3. They will right-click on the course name and select “Open in a New Window”.

  4. They will copy the URL from the Address Bar and email it to you.  The course id will be at the end of the address.

  5. You will then link their site by copying the appropriate url from above, paste into the hyperlink address bar in FrontPage or within blackboard and insert the correct course id and school name, if applicable.


CPSB eLearning Department
Kim Leblanc